Our Approach

Our vision is to expose people to the world of coding and web design, so they might find a love for coding or find a new career path. We use a combination of services, such as one on one training, web design, and boot camps to instruct, mentor, coach, and promote individuals and businesses.

Our Story

I started back in 2014 on my journey to become a software developer after i realized my passion for coding and development. In May 2018 I landed a software developer position at Webco Industries, and in May of 2019 graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors in Management Science and Information Systems. I thought to myself if i had only known about coding earlier i could have been loving life all along, thus this company was born to inspire and help individuals and businesses alike with their dreams.


Meet the Team

Currently just a one person team but hoping to expand in the future


Derrick Looney

Founder & CEO